Sponsor Plan
2021 APSDA Virtual Exhibitor Guide


I. Sponsorship Packages


Virtual booth  A

Virtual booth  B


Sponsor who has purchased at least
5-unit booths 

 Sponsor who has purchased less than 4-unit booths



  • 2 360° immersive booth scenes
• 1 Link to your official website
• 5 documents/images (pdf) (zoom in & download are available)
• Link to customer service email
• 1 campaign video

1 360° immersive booth scene
 Link to your official website
3 documents/images (pdf) (zoom in & download are available)
Link to customer service email


Contact person:
Hancan Co., Ltd.
Ariel Yu
+8862-2740-8000 ext.149
Nina Tuan +8862-2740-8000 ext.126


 For further information

1.       Taiwan Society of Nephrology (TSN) will provide standard package (Including 4 benefits) to all exhibitors for free. If there are any other requirements needed, please contact with Hancan Co., Ltd.
2.       The duration of virtual on-line Expo will be 1 year. Hancan will set up the virtual booths according to the initial information provided by exhibitors. If there is a need to update the information, exhibitors could log in the CRM (content management system) on their own to update the information. If there is any follow-up question, please contact Hancan Co., Ltd.
3.        TSN will provide each participant access to log in and view the on-line conference and virtual Expo, the information security will be ensured as well.
4.        To protect confidentiality of each company, we will provide an exclusive account and a code to each exhibitor to log in CRM.
Each exhibitor has 3 users available to log in the APSDA website to view the on-line conference and virtual Expo.
6.        TNS and the collaborate partner Hancan Co., Ltd. has signed a confidentiality agreement, the data of each sponsor shall not be leaked.
7.        Hancan Co., Ltd. will provide relating data about virtual booth to all the sponsors after the conference, please log in the CRM and download the data by yourself.
8.        If you have any question about the information mentioned above, please contact Hancan Co., Ltd.

II. About the Virtual Expo

             Virtual booth A style-1                                                 Virtual booth A style-2

ContactHancan Co., Ltd.

Ariel Yu     +8862-2740-8000 ext.149    emailplanning-123@hancan.com.tw    
Nina Tuan +8862-2740-8000 ext.126    emailNina@hancan.com.tw